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Welcome to the UX Education platform. We offer all knowledge that is important to every UX Designer. Discover everything about the topic of UX Design. We have big plans for the future but need your feedback because we actually do what we preach and work with the user centered design approach to create the best user experience.

What is UXD?

It is difficult to find a definition but here is our approach: User experience design is developing a solution that makes a user be rather with the solution than without it.

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What does a UX-Designer?

A UX-Designer knows proven techniques on how to create solutions with a high UX.

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What is the UX workflow?

As an UX-Designer wants solutions with a high user experience it is necessary for him/her to follow the UX-workflow which divides projects into generally five different stages.

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We need your help!

As we want this platform to become the number one UI and UX design platform we need your help. Send us your interests in the user experience field, feedback to our current UI and UX or any other requests please via mail, so we can create the most amazing experience for you! Take care, your UX Education team. We will teach you user experience.