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UX Term of the day!

Law of Figure and Ground

The human eye is trained to separate foreground elements from background elements. That means if there is a tree in front of a hou...

#lawoffigureandground #visualdesign

UX Wiki's most read articles this month!

User Experience Design (UX Design)

Doing UX Design is creating solutions that users rather want to have than being without it.

#uxdesign #userexperiencedesign

Market Research

The market research is a good way of finding out where on a market a brand should be located.

#marketresearch #market

Interaction Design

The interaction design is how a user can handle a product, software or service.

#interactiondesign #uielements

Competitor Analysis

During a competitor analysis the focus is on finding the strengths and weaknesses of competitors' solutions. Every one of them foc...

#competitoranalysis #competitor


Creating and evaluating a prototype is a proper way of finding as many errors, weaknesses and strengths in a product, software or ...

#prototyping #prototypes