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User Experience Design (UX Design)

UX Design is designing happiness into people's lives!


Doing UX Design is creating solutions that users rather want to have than being without it.

User Centered Design is a requirement for UX Design

Putting the user in the focus of everything that a UX Designer does is a necessity. The users' goals and pain points always need to be in the focus of the work and not the personal preferences of the designer.

UX workflow

The UX workflow basically follows the same approach always. In the beginning a UX Designer does an analysis to find out about the users' needs, wishes and expectations regarding the new solution. Then some first ideas are created like a paper prototype which will be evaluated in a usability study before making adjustments to the concept based on evaluated feedback.

The more a UX designer comes towards an end of the creation process the more advanced the solution will become and therefore the fidelity will increase.

The implementation

Once the concept is evaluated and adjusted enough so that the users have a great user experience it is time to start with the implementation of the final solution. But actually it is not the final solution because once a product, software or service is launched it is time to get started with evaluating what the market says so that the second version can already be created!

User Centered Design

The user centered design approach is a very effective tool for creating successful solutions that the users enjoy using.

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