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User Centered Design

Put the user in the focus and nothing can go wrong.


The user centered design approach is a very effective tool for creating successful solutions that the users enjoy using.

The UX Workflow is basically divided into five sections. The analysis, prototyping, visual design and implementation phase with multiple evaluation phases in-between.

User centered Analysis

The user centered design during the analysis phase can be executed easily by interviewing users, doing surveys or by doing focus group discussions for example. That puts the users in the focus of the analysis which is the foundation for the creation of the perfect solution.

User centered Prototyping

During the prototyping phase the users can be included by involving them in the prototype creation. Like always Focus Group Discussions are a great way of doing that besides creating an information architecture together with them or something similar. In the end it will provide good value to include users during the creation process as they know their wishes and expectations and therefore can give detailed insights.

User centered Visual Design

With the visual design is is exactly the same story. Involving users during the creation process will make the interface more satisfying for them as they. Create some first Designbeams together with them and they will give you feedback on that so you already know whether you are on the right track or invite them to create a moodboard together which will be the foundation for the visual design in the end!

User centered implementation

Obviously during the first phases the users can participate more and during the implementation phase it becomes more difficult. However, they can also support in this phase. For a software for example they can give UX Designers insights whether they want to have an native application or a website or web app which obviously affects the implementation phase.

User centered evaluation

Of course expert reviews are a great way of getting feedback on new solutions but the more the users are actively involved the better it is to receive valuable feedback. Therefore user studies are a great way of receiving proper feedback from the users' themselves.

User Diaries/Diary Study

User Diaries are essential for products, softwares and services that are designed for a daily usage.

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