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A process to find and eliminate as many errors as possible!


Creating and evaluating a prototype is a proper way of finding as many errors, weaknesses and strengths in a product, software or service as possible!

The prototyping phase is the second phase of the UX workflow and is the phase that is about the concept only. Common techniques for the prototyping phase are wireframing or paper prototypes - both belong to the low-fidelity prototypes which are the most fundamental prototypes out there.

Goal of prototyping

The main goal of creating and evaluating prototypes in an iterative design process is to find as many weaknesses as possible in the concept and eliminate all of those. Once the concept was accepted by the users it is time to move on the visual design create further prototypes with a high fidelity that almost feel like a real and usable solution.

UX Workflow

The UX Workflow is basically divided into five phases. The analysis phase, the prototyping phase, the visual design phase, the imp...

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