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The logo, slogan, corporate identity, corporate design, ... are the core of every brand!


A brand represents a part of a business and has its own mission, vision, values and core identity that a user, customer or client can identify with.

How to get started with creating a brand?

Whenever you want to create brand you need to begin with the core values of the brand you want to create. "What will the brand stand for?", "What does the brand offer?" and "Who is the target group of the brand?" are questions you must answer when beginning with the branding.

What are the core elements of a strong brand?

The core elements of a brand are its values and what it stands for but also the logo , corporate design , corporate identity , vision and mission are essential when creating a brand or doing a rebranding!


Every proper brand has a strong logo that users, customers and clients can remember. The simpler a logo is the better it is to mem...

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