What is the UX workflow?

Basically the UX-workflow can be separated into five different stages. Those stages need to be executed in one specific order to create the best results. It is possible to move from one stage to the next or previous stage. You mustn’t skip any stages. It is, however, possible to jump back multiple stages at a time.


Research is essential to discover the user’s pains and needs. This will be the foundation for the following stages. Therefore this stage must not be skipped or neglected.

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Once your wireframes stand it is time to do prototyping with your users. There are different fidelities for testing but you should begin with a low-fidelity prototype to save costs.

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Interaction Design

Part of a good user experience is a usable visual Design. That means that certain elements of the UI have a certain affordance and a user knows intuitively what they are designed for.

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Another big topic for a UX designer is IT. It is essential to knwo how to implement code. This knowledge can be used to implement prototypes with a higher functionality but also helps to be the connection between designers and developers.

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The evaluation stage is used to check if your solution is as good as possible. If that is not the case you need to go back some stages. If, however, the solution fits the users need, it is time to celebrate!

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