What is UXD?

User Xperience Design is developing a solution that makes a user be rather with the solution than without it. You can not find a more precise definition as an UX-Designer works in multiple different fields - as shown here.

What is Usability?

Usability is defined by how easy it is to use the solution that was developed for a specific problem. It can be measured by multiple techniques like user-testing with different standardised questionnaires.

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Interaction Design

Part of a good user experience is a usable visual Design. That means that certain elements of the UI have a certain affordance and a user knows intuitively what they are designed for.

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Another big topic for a UX designer is IT. It is essential to knwo how to implement code. This knowledge can be used to implement prototypes with a higher functionality but also helps to be the connection between designers and developers.

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Industrial Design

As User Xperience Design has to do a lot with the entire experience of the product aspects like ergonomics are essential for the design of products or the packaging.

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As you always work together with and for the users is it is necessary to have some knowledge in the field of psychology to understand the users' behaviour better.

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Obviously as an UX designer it is not required to be a marketing expert. You do, however, need knowledge on that field, too, as this will also be part of the user experience.

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