Traditional Marketing

Marketing techniques are based on psychology. They are designed to make your client feel the need to buy your solution and the basics of psychology do not change.

Unique Selling Proposition

If you want your solution to succeed you need a unique selling proposition that makes your user believe why your solution is the one for him/her.

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The market-share by the Boston Consulting Group divides your products/solutions into different categories based on their performance.

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Brand Positioning Map

The main idea of this chart is to visualise where your brand is located compared to your competitors on multiple different categories.

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Marketing Mix (7Ps)

As a basic rule maketing needs to consider seven parts: product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence.

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Porter’s Five Forces

These forces are a measurement to find out your chances of succeeding in a market.

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Ansoff's Model

This two-dimensional axis coordinate system divides the products and markets into old and new ones.

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