Interaction Design

Yes, interaction design influences a solution’s user-xperience. The moment something is appealing to it’s user it makes him feel good which is part of a high user-xperience.

What is an Information Architecture?

Before you can start with anything else in the design process you need to design your information architecture. It needs to be clear which contents can be found on which side of the page.

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What is Wireframing?

To get some first quick impressions on your system it is necessary to draw some wireframes. These do not include any detailed graphics, charts or text but are used to visualize the first approach on how the interaction and page setup should be like.

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Once your wireframes stand it is time to do prototyping with your users. There are different fidelities for testing but you should begin with a low-fidelity prototype to save costs.

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Design Principles

There are some common guidelines for visual design which should always be known by anyone in the design business as they are the basics for everything.

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Is Accessibility important?

User-Xperience is not User-Xperience. What is a perfect user-xperience for most people is a nightmare for others. Those people, however, should not be excluded by your solutions and therefore your projects should be accessible.

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Packaging is everywhere

Your solution's packaging is the first contact of your user/customer with your real solution after seeing an advert or other marketing campaigns.

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