Can User Xperience Designers code? The answer is: Yes! This is the main function of an UX designer. As a UX designer you are the combination of technical components like coding and design.


Java is one of the most common object orientated programming languages used today.

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VR is a big benefit to accomplish the goal of creating rapid prototypes as you do not need to implement real world prototypes but can use VR instead.

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Web Development

As an UX-Designer you should be able to develop some basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other languages so you can develop web applications on your own. These are also helpful to develop some low-budget prototypes.

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Native Apps

As an UX-Designer it is beneficial to have the skills that are needed to develop native apps for systems like iOS, or Android, so you can develop some prototypes for these specific systems.

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Android Development

For rapid prototyping a native Android application can be helpful therefore skills in this field are beneficial to every UX Designer.

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iOS Development

If you want to develops an iOS application a prototype in this system might be beneficial for you.

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