It is important to have an proper marketing strategy that is based on different calculations and not on emotions and feelings.

Attrition Rate

With this calculation you can measure how many customers or users stoped using your solution. This reate should be as low as possible.

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Customer Acquisition Costs

This variable represents the cost it takes you to gain a new customer.

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CAC recovery time

This variable represents the time it takes you to make profit with a customer. You make profit once you customer paid you the acquiring costs.

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Lifetime Value

With this calculation it is easy to determine how much money every user will spend until they stop using you solution again.

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Marketing Originated Customers

This value represents the percentage of the new users or clients that were made aware of you through marketing and directly became a client or user of your solution.

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Marketing Influenced Customers

The marketing influenced customers are those that didn’t become a client or user directly but kept your solution in mind and joined your solution later.

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Return on Marketing Invest

This figure shows how economical effective your marketing campagnes were. It represents the correlation between your costs for and revenues by your markeing.

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