Research with Multiple Users

If you have a bigger target group it is advisable to do some analysis together with a bigger group of potential users by using techniques like focus group discussions.


A group of four up to seven people is a good size for researching with multiple users at a time. The main advantage is that you get ideas by multiple persons that influence each other so you get a more representative result in the end and you do not only get the ideas and thought of a single participant.


It can happen that you have a very dominant person in your group that influences all other participants which makes the group not representative anymore. Furthermore it is difficult to find the perfect mixture so that your target group will be represented optimal. 

Usage advice

We at UX Education would advice you to use this research approach if you want to get a wide variety of views. You can even do multiple e.g. focus group discussions after each other so you can get as detailed insights into your target group's thoughts and ideas as possible.

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