E-mail Marketing

e-Mail marketing is still important today, as the majority of people has at least one mail account and therefore the target group is even bigger than on social media or by using traditional marketing techniques.

Why is it beneficial?

e-Mail marketing can be easily used to make customers aware of new products or services you offer.

Furthermore, you can use it to address your users directly. You can send individual mails and make them individual offers.

Beside that the cost are really low, which makes it attractive if you had a low marketing budget.

Send sensible mails!

The variety of mails you can send is big. So make sensible decision on which mails are sensible and which make your user unsubscribe from newsletters.

Positively associated mails are birthday wishes, discounts and thank you mails. If you send too many mails in a short amount of time your users will be annoyed by this marketing.

Types of mails

Generally there are three different types of mails. Transactional mails are generally used for your user’s interaction with his/her account.

Automated mails are mails every user will get which includes discounts or a reminder that items are in their shopping bag.

The third category are marketing mails. Those are newsletters, christmas wishes and many more.

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