Future Plans

We have big plans for the future of User-Xperience-Design. The UX of a solution should become the number one reason why it succeeds or does not!

We need your support!

In order to provide appropriate content and features on our platform we need your support. We would appreciate if you send us a direct message over the contact form at the bottom of this page. It would be amazing if you kept reading and filled out some of our surveys to our planned features so we know what we should invest our time in. Thanks a lot in advance! :) 

Basic Equipment Configurator UX

Many struggle at the beginning of becoming an UX designer to choose the correct hardware and software. Therefore we thought of implementing an configurator that lets you find your perfect start equipment. You can get detailed information and give us feedback on the ideas here.

Project Planner UX

For beginners it might be difficult to create plans that follow the UX-workflow. Therefore we thought it would be a great idea to have a project planner that follows the UX-workflow. You enter different information like budget, time, current status and your aims and the planner gives you techniques that could be used as the next steps. We as UX-Designers depend on your feedback so we would love if you find out more and answer our questions here. Thanks a lot in advance.

Education Course UX

In order to educate future UX-Designers we want to implement courses that teach all relevant knowledge on UX-related topics. Find out more on our plans here and we would really appreciate your thoughts on those. 

Creative Technique Configurator 

One of the most required elements for UX designers are creative techniques. One of our ideas is to implement a creative technique finder where you can configure your requirements like you wished results and the configurator will show you the techniques that can be used. What do you think of this idea? Please, let us know and send us a message by filling out the form below. Thank you so much! 


You can always give us ideas or feedback directly. We will really appreciate that! Thank you so much in advance, your UX Education team.