About Us

Before we talk about ourselves: Thanks for your interest in us! Your UX-Education team :)

Who are we?

We are a young team of mainly (former) UXD students who want to make UX the number one reason why a company or solution succeeds. Therefore we want everyone to learn UX design by teaching everything relevant to the topic. 

What do we?

Some of us are still at university studying UX design. Others are already done with their studies and are either an employee at a company or founded their own agency. 

Why is User Xperience Design important?

User experience is essential to design successful solutions that satify the users’ needs. Therefore we will give everyone the opportinity to get to know user experience design and the benefits of a high UX. 

Where are we heading?

Find out all about our future plans on this extra page but still here is a small overview: With this platform we want to create a space for all UX-Designers where you can find anything you might need. Beside that we want to educate those that want to become UX-Designer one day. And equally as important: We would like to provide as much information on the topic as possible so everyone can understand what we do and why it is so important!